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Things are always changing in the world, and it can be very useful for all of us to be able to keep up with those changes. But there’s so much news out there, on so many different topics, that we need ways to filter all of it down to only what’s relevant and useful to us. Making apps and websites, using algorithms, and writing software components can be a great way to achieve this for many people, with only a little effort.

Using News and Media APIs can improve your app in several ways:

  • If you’re making a news app or website, you can use the News API as the primary source of your data, without all the manual legwork.
  • For news aggregation apps or sites, combining data fetched from multiple News APIs can give your news articles a good amount of variety.
  • When your app or website isn’t news-centered, articles from News APIs can add a touch of relevance and help keep your users up-to-date.

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If you check out the News & Media category on RapidAPI, you’ll see a very interesting list of APIs that already do a lot of this legwork for us. There are aggregation APIs, search APIs, APIs produced by using AI, and many more. You can also check out https://wvcreate.cloudaccess.host where a news website was created in under an hour. You can also take a look at using Youtube and Video Blogster to create a beautiful scenery website at https://marlinton.cloudaccess.host/

Former Ambassador to Israel Dennis Ross on Israel's political future - "Intelligence Matters"

Ross discussed the outlook for the governing coalition in Israel and the background of the newly elected Israeli prime minister, as well as Benjamin Netanyahu's political future.

23 Jun, 2021
6/22: Red and Blue

Republicans block effort to pass voting rights bill; Deb Haaland on Indigenous boarding schools

23 Jun, 2021
More than 150 Houston Methodist hospital system workers fired or quit after refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine

More than 150 at the Houston Methodist System were affected. A dismissed lawsuit over the vaccine requirement is being appealed.

23 Jun, 2021
Hong Kong's last pro-democracy newspaper announces closure, conceding defeat to China's Communist Party

Board of directors says "current circumstances" in once semi-autonomous Hong Kong will force it to cease all operations by the end of the week.

23 Jun, 2021
Last-minute Amazon Prime Day deals: Time is almost up to get big discounts on Apple, Roku, Crest Whitestrips and more

With deals on Apple AirPods, Roku streamers and 23andMe, Amazon Prime Day 2021 has something on sale for everyone.

23 Jun, 2021
New CBS News polling on LGBTQ+ issues

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans say the last 50 years have brought progress in ending discrimination against LGBTQ people. CBSN's "Red & Blue" host Elaine Quijano has more from CBS News' latest poll.

23 Jun, 2021
Mobile payment scams surge, report says

Complaints against some digital payment services and apps like Venmo, Cash App or Zelle are skyrocketing, according to a troubling new report. CBS News' Anna Werner reports.

23 Jun, 2021
CBS Evening News, June 22, 2021

White House says U.S. will miss Biden's vaccine goal; Military families in need receive massive donations

23 Jun, 2021
CBS News poll: Despite progress, most Americans say LGBTQ discrimination still exists

Nearly eight in 10 Americans say the last 50 years have brought progress in ending discrimination against LGBTQ people.

23 Jun, 2021
U.S. government seizes dozens of Iran-linked websites

U.S. authorities seized a range of Iran's state-linked news website domains they accused of spreading "disinformation," the Justice Department announced Tuesday, in a move that appeared to be a far-reaching crackdown on Iranian media amid heightened tensions …

23 Jun, 2021
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